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September 21, 2023

Business Messaging: A Rocketship for Revenue

Business Messaging boosts the key metric for every business: revenue. Whether it’s saving money by creating more efficient customer care interactions, making your sales process more engaging, or increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, business messaging boosts revenue across the funnel. 34x increase in ROI. 33% reduction in call center volumes.1 50% increase in customer satisfaction.2 Sounds good right? These are just a few of the successes businesses have seen using business messaging.

Curious how your business could benefit from messaging? Read on and we’ll show you!

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Convincing customers to take the plunge from “just browsing” to a paid customer is a constant struggle. With business messaging, you can offer customers the opportunity to engage in a conversation instead of heading to a static, impersonal landing page or product list. You can provide them with the exact information they need, and convince them to become a customer via a casual, familiar platform.


For your customers, messaging is simple to use and familiar. Providing information about your products and services in a conversational manner makes it easy for people to learn about your business and see your best marketing content. The ease-of-use and accessibility keep people engaged, helping decrease drop-off and increase conversions.

Increased engagement across the customer journey

Two-way conversations that feature immediate responses make people feel more valued, keeping them engaged so they don’t fall off before the sale. Notifications can help keep people engaged post-purchase, chatbots can answer simple questions from prospective customers, and you can even offer the ability to purchase in the chat.

The conversational nature of messaging feels familiar, like customers are talking to a friend who is actively paying attention to their wants and needs.

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Captive audience

For most of us, messaging is part of our daily lives. People are always on their phones and WhatsApp is the largest messaging app globally.3 Being able to connect with customers where they are already spending time decreases the initial difficulty in getting them to connect and engage. This helps drive cost and time efficiency in your marketing initiatives.

Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Calls to Action (CTAs) are essential to a quality ad, but creating effective CTAs is often the most difficult part of an ad.

WhatsApp offers an easy solution with Ads that Click to WhatsApp. Featured on Facebook and Instagram ads, Ads that Click to WhatsApp take customers directly to a conversation where they are immediately greeted by a chatbot with a customized welcome message. Remember the captive audience we talked about earlier? These ads are designed to take that audience into the next stage of the funnel and start the conversion process.


Offering quality communication on the customer’s schedule can entice them into offers and products they may have otherwise ignored. Let’s look at some examples of how business messaging can impact sales.

Higher conversion rates

Higher engagement means higher conversion rates. The always-on nature of messaging ensures customers can interact on their schedule, allowing your business to connect with them at their most receptive moments. Nissan of Saudi Arabia recognized this, and integrated messaging into their social media presence. Within six months, they achieved a 34x increase in ROI and attributed 32 cars sold directly to WhatsApp.4

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Repeat business

Existing customers can account for over 60% of a company’s purchases.5 You already have the data on their preferences, what they’ve shown interest in, and what convinced them to buy. Notifications featuring seasonal offers, personalized deals based on purchase history, and new product alerts bring customers back into the conversation and help secure additional purchases. These buyers have proven their interest in your products, and messaging can help keep the conversation going and revenue flowing.


Respecting peoples’ schedules is crucial for any business. You don’t want to take up any more of their time than needed, especially with long, drawn out phone calls. Chat on their schedule with chatbots and 24hr live agents. Leads can get immediate responses and engage when it’s convenient for them. The constant availability of these chatbots helped Nissan Saudi Arabia achieve a 33% reduction in call center volumes, reducing their costs and boosting revenue even further.6

Customer Care

Chatbot support

Chatbots aren’t just for sales. Automated messaging can handle simple customer issues, answering questions, processing returns, and much more. Chatbots can pull from your customer database and have all the information needed to create positive, effective customer service interactions without ever involving a customer service agent.

Reduced need for live agents

According to a 2022 survey, 87% of respondents saw a reduction in customer contact volume in other service channels after implementing Messenger, with between 50% and 70% of customer inquiries answered automatically via chatbot.7 Agents are able to turn their attention to more detailed inquiries and ensure they’re providing the best possible experience instead of rushing from one call to the next. With this increased efficiency, increased revenue is sure to follow. According to a survey commissioned by Meta, 87% of companies that integrated messaging into their customer care reported incremental revenue increases.8

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Customer satisfaction

Turning traditionally negative experiences positive can have a lasting impact on your customers. Resolving issues quickly and efficiently via messaging helps increase your customer satisfaction, without any additional effort from your live agents. When Akulaku, a financial services company in Indonesia, implemented chatbots into their communications, they saw a 50% increase in customer satisfaction scores with WhatsApp.9 Happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, and continue as a reliable revenue stream for your business.

Continuing with Business Messaging

With the proven success of business messaging across the funnel, your business can benefit, no matter the industry. Increasing revenue and reducing overhead is a universal benefit and one that’s easily achievable through business messaging.

Interested in learning more about how messaging can improve your marketing? We’ve got you covered. Our Marketing Messages Quick Guide gives you everything you need to understand the basics of marketing messages and how they can help you launch your revenue rocketship!

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