WhatsApp Flows

The flexibility to build bespoke customer journeys

Empowering businesses to create rich end to end customer experiences on WhatsApp.

Interactions made flexible, functional, rich. Powered by WhatsApp Flows. With WhatsApp Flows businesses can design, build and customize their own journeys, which can make chatbot and AI agent solutions better, as well as offer end-to-end experiences.

Animated demonstration of WhatsApp Flows


Businesses can build their own appointment booking flows

Make it simple and intuitive for customers to make reservations, book a service or schedule a consultation within WhatsApp.


Drive customer acquisition and loyalty

  • Capture new leads to build your CRM database
  • Target customers with personalized offers and rewards
  • Re-engage and maximize ROI with upsell opportunities
Communication between a company named LaLueur and a customer using WhatsApp Flows
Communication between a company named CS Mutual and a customer using WhatsApp Flows


Help your customers choose products and services, right on WhatsApp

  • Provide customers with real-time insurance quotes for policies across all sectors such as health, finance and vehicle coverage
  • Reduce churn by reenewing customer deals and cross-selling onto other products
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Flows drives better results for businesses on WhatsApp


* Not all components are available yet

WhatsApp Flows for Enterprise businesses

Building WhatsApp Flows can be as simple as attaching it to your message template

WhatsApp Flows Builder

Create a highly flexible and functional experience in WhatsApp Flows Builder.

WhatsApp Flows are integrated with Message Templates

Build Flows templates quickly and easily with no developer knowledge needed.

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Build bespoke customer experiences with WhatsApp Flows.