WhatsApp Flows

Boost performance by creating more seamless and customized experiences for customers

From appointment bookings to signups, WhatsApp Flows gets results by making customer interactions more streamlined and convenient.

WhatsApp Flows makes it easy for your customers to get things done within WhatsApp.You can design and build a variety of rich customer experiences using UI components embedded right in your conversations.

Animated demo of the Jasper's Market flow


Capture new leads and drive growth

  • Use WhatsApp Flows to acquire new customers
  • Create easy signups for newsletters, events, promotions and more
  • Target leads with personalized offers and rewards


Increase bookings by making them quick and easy

  • Make it simple for customers to make reservations, book services or schedule consultations within WhatsApp
  • Customize the booking process to your business
Demo of a reservation booking with Little Lemon using WhatsApp Flows
CS Mutual loan approval animation using WhatsApp Flows


Improve customer retention by providing timely quotes

  • Provide real-time quotes for services and products across all sectors, from health to finance and more
  • Reduce churn by renewing customer contracts and cross-selling products
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Developer Tools

Code more advanced UIs using Flow Builder or the API.

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