Ads That Click to WhatsApp

Add a call-to-action button on your Facebook and Instagram ads that, when clicked, opens a thread with your business on WhatsApp.

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Unlock the potential of your WhatsApp presence

Ads that click to WhatsApp can be placed across Facebook and Instagram (News Feed, Stories, and Marketplace) and help support business objectives across lead generation, sales and marketing.

Optimize Delivery

Send and respond to more conversations and leverage algorithms that enable campaigns performing better over time.

Drive Discovery

Expand awareness of your WhatsApp presence and use engaging creative to drive discovery and demand for your business offerings.

Measure Results

Pick from our library of tracking tools to measure results beyond the conversation.* *Facebook(Meta) pixel tracking, Conversions API and/or Offline Conversions

Advertise your business at every stage of the customer journey

There are two types of conversations on WhatsApp Business Platform: user-initiated and business-initiated. Each conversation type is charged at a different rate.

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  • Awareness - Ad introduces product/businesses on Meta
  • Consideration - Ad drives user to sales consultation experience


  • Ad drives user to product purchase on WhatsApp
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  • Care - Ad drives user to customer service experience, which can encourage future use
  • Loyalty - Ad directs loyalty members to discover special deals in WhatsApp

Run ads across Facebook and Instagram

Connect with new and existing customers where they’re already spending their time.

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Ads that click to WhatsApp help support business objectives across lead generation, sales and marketing. Start creating your ad today.

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