Women’s Best: Using WhatsApp for Customer Support to Improve the Experience


November 22, 2022

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To stand out in a highly competitive space like fitness ecommerce, customer experience is everything. And as a premium women’s fitness brand, Women’s Best wanted to offer its customers the best—not only in terms of its products but also in overall customer support.

So Women's Best turned to WhatsApp for customer support. The WhatsApp Business Platform enabled the brand to centralize customer communication—transforming its customer experience.

The end result was an improved customer support system that allowed for more customer inquiries, faster ticket resolution times, and consistent order updates—all from WhatsApp

Three women laughing before workout class next to text that reads its story: more than just women's fitness apparel

Founded in 2015, Women’s Best sells premium women’s sports apparel and nutrition products.

The business’ larger mission is to “inspire & empower women around the globe to become the best version of themselves.” Women’s Best works toward this goal with its inclusive clothing design, charity donations, and diverse line of nutrition products to support a wide range of dietary needs.

Since its launch, the brand has expanded to 150 countries. With so many customers in so many countries, the Women’s Best team needed to centralize customer communication. That’s where the WhatsApp Business Platform came in.

Three women dancing in athletic clothing with text reading its problem: rapid growth outpaced existing customer communication channels

As a fast-growing business, Women’s Best needed a customer inquiry system that would scale with it.

The brand was using email and web chat, but these channels weren’t ideal for processing incoming requests quickly and meeting customer expectations. And because they were juggling two channels, the Women's Best support agents didn't have a central place to manage tickets.

The company needed a single channel to quickly and directly communicate with customers and deliver an optimal experience. With centralization, Women’s Best could resolve customer support issues and offer order status updates from one place.

Its solution: Offer quick, direct support via the WhatsApp Business Platform

Women’s Best used the WhatsApp Business Platform to provide its customers with a fast, convenient way to receive direct support and regular updates. In it’s July 2022 global stat-shot report, Data Reportal noted that WhatsApp has 2 billion users — 46.2% of whom are women — so Women’s Best could reach its customer base (made up primarily of women ages 18 to 70) people on a platform they likely already used.

The company adopted MessengerPeople — a WhatsApp partner — and implemented its ticketing system to provide customer support and order, shipping, and delivery confirmations all through WhatsApp.

With this system in place, WhatsApp support was now accessible via the company’s “Contact Us” page, as well as order and shopping confirmation emails (if customers opted in). Together with MessengerPeople, the WhatsApp Business Platform also gave Women's Best support agents a central place to manage tickets and a variety of chat templates to speed up customer communication.

All customers had to do if they needed more support was reply to their WhatsApp notifications. From there, customers would be able to directly reach a multilingual Women’s Best customer service rep to address their support request.

Customer chatting with a Women's Best representative via WhatsApp to order a new pair of leggings
“With the WhatsApp ... we could establish a central channel to quickly process customer inquiries. By sending customers WhatsApp notifications, we can help keep them up to date on current orders, as well as answer any questions they may have about their products.”

– David Kurzmann, Women’s Best CEO and co-founder.

By using WhatsApp for customer support, Women’s Best shoppers could now quickly get the help they needed — from finding the perfect yoga apparel to getting muscle-growth diet supplement recommendations. And customers could get their inquiries resolved conveniently right from their phone — no computer necessary.

Woman opening a package next to text reading its results: 50% faster inquiry processing times with WhatsApp for customer support

With WhatsApp, Women’s Best enhanced its customer support experience with faster support ticket processing and resolution — as well as regular order status updates.

Since adopting the WhatsApp Business Platform to deliver an optimal, modern customer experience, Women’s Best has.2

  • Received 30,000 monthly customer service requests through WhatsApp
  • Sped up customer support inquiry processing time for every customer by 50%
  • Resolved 40 WhatsApp customer support tickets per agent each hour

The numbers speak for themselves. Women’s Best built a seamless customer experience — from simple order updates to more complex customer care and communication — by meeting customers where they already were: WhatsApp. The brand also tapped into multiple entry points, including order email opt-ins and the “Contact Us” page, to drive the adoption of the messaging tool even further.

Three women doing yoga with text reading meet customers where they are with WhatsApp Business Platform

As your brand grows, your support requests are bound to increase as well. Empower your customers to send in those inquiries (and your agents to respond promptly) by focusing on the channel your audience cares about most.

For many brands, that channel is WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp is the third most-used platform around the globe and the one most users say is their favorite according to the Data Repotal study.1

Just look at the strides Women’s Best was able to make in delivering an efficient customer experience on the platform its customers already used — WhatsApp.

Wow your customers with a customer experience they’ll remember using the WhatsApp Business Platform, like Women’s Best did. Learn how to make this happen.

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