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The Little Farm Co. uses video creative in their Ads That Click to WhatsApp campaigns to share family-inspired recipes with fellow farmers and families around India and drive 46% more messages at 32% lower cost.

Their Story

Sharing a taste of home

The Little Farm Co began in a farmers' market, selling pickles inspired by much-loved family recipes. When the pandemic hit, founder Niharika Bahargave saw the need to go digital and paired her efforts with Ads That Click to WhatsApp to drive web traffic. The click to chat campaigns helped her reach new customers at scale while maintaining meaningful customer relationships. Today, she works with local women farmers and proudly shares a taste of home wide and far.

Their Goal


Sharing delicious recipes with the power of messaging

The Little Farm Co creates home-flavored pickles and family-inspired recipes online. While the brand's taste was winning hearts, they needed a better way to cut down on customer acquisition costs and reach more customers. The secret ingredient was a messaging platform everyone was already using.

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Their Solution

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Striking up flavorful conversations

Up till early 2023, Niharika Bahargave and her team at The Little Farm Co were already winning hearts and appetites with their family-inspired recipes and delicious Indian-styled pickles. They had spent around US$30,000 on sales campaigns and had generated an impressive 7,584 purchases, but there were concerns regarding the rising customer acquisition costs.

When the team started working on Click-to-WhatsApp Ads, they realized they had found the missing ingredient. The goal was to generate sales for their food products, and the Click-to-WhatsApp Ads campaigns made it possible for customers to engage in direct conversations with the brand, ask questions about products, and communicate their unique needs. A WhatsApp chat was a personal interaction that customers were already familiar with and it was key to helping them make a purchasing choice.

"You need to be patient. It took us about 8 months to see success, and we didn't just sit around waiting for the ads to work. We constantly optimized for conversations and driving sales through conversations.”

"After extensive sales campaign efforts with other non-Meta solutions, we found WhatsApp and transformed our business, generating more sales than any other channel in a day, reducing customer acquisition costs and building new, meaningful relationships with customers.”

Niharika Bahargave

Founder, The Little Farm Co

The Little Farm Co. used the Engagement objective and core audience targeting, which finds the people most likely to engage with your business for you, creating a targeting group with similar characteristics to the business’ ideal customer. The team shared Video Ads and delicious GIFs with multiple pickle products, using Advantage+ Placements to maximize budget and increase ad exposure, finding along the way that video Instagram ads were the most effective placement and format for their business. For conversation optimization, they used the WhatsApp Bot API to answer questions and share product catalogs, offering a seamless end-to-end shopping experience for customers through the messaging app they were already using day to day.

"Next on the agenda, we're testing with more creatives and more broad-based audience targeting.”

With the right business tools, clear messaging, and a community-driven mindset, The Little Farm Co was able to share its recipes with more farmers and families in India. They now employ 20 women farmers in remote states, with hopes of supporting even more women farmers in the near future.

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Their Success

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WhatsApp - a powerful business ingredient

The Little Farm Co uses Ads That Click to WhatsApp to help boost the reach of their products and close sales, gaining 46% more customer messages at 23% lower costs.

*All results are self-reported and not identifiably repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

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