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Raise Awareness Through Messaging in Financial Services

July 5, 2023

Introduce your business to customers through a familiar channel: Messaging

You could have the best products, stellar services, and the most mind blowing customer experiences in the marketplace, but if consumers don't know about them, does it matter?

Awareness is the first, and sometimes most difficult part of the customer journey. Building trust, encouraging purchases, and creating long-term value all hinge on whether or not a potential customer knows the value your business can provide.

Messaging connects with people on a familiar channel, and is the perfect platform to introduce just how valuable you can be in meeting their financial needs, setting you up for success from the first interaction.

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Getting their attention with messaging

Of course you can use messaging to introduce new offerings to potential customers, but how should you approach it? Just sending a link or an image isn’t going to get that much attention. You need to create a sense of value.

What kind of messages provide value? Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Personal finance tips:
    • Sending small tidbits of information about saving, investing, or planning can lead to meetings with advisors or exploring the financial tools your business offers.
  • How-to guides for your company’s products and services:
    • Do you offer a planning tool? A virtual assistant? Self-guided customer service? These things can all benefit from a guide, and teaching people how to use them can lead to higher usage of those tools and services.
  • Financial lessons:
    • Providing customers with educational resources right on their phone personifies value. Giving them the information they need to make informed financial decisions can make you more than just a service provider, and engage them on a deeper level than before.
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Measurable Results

Mukuru is one of the largest money transfer providers in Africa and a leading Next Gen Financial Services Platform that offers affordable and reliable financial services to the emerging consumer.

When Mukuru decided to incorporate a faster, more secure, and convenient service channel through WhatsApp Business Platform, it enabled more people in Africa to reliably initiate money transfers and access a range of other financial services products across the continent.

So, how did it perform for them?

  • $1M+ to date in savings with reduced USSD and SMS costs
  • 42% of Mukuru customers use WhatsApp to initiate money transfers
  • 25 percent of Mukuru customers list WhatsApp as their sign-up channel of choice
  • 15% increase in overall CSAT scores in self service channels since implementing WhatsApp

Without WhatsApp messaging services, these customers would never have known about these services, and that revenue would have stayed an untapped source.

Awareness through messaging

Messaging is a powerful tool that can bring your services to people who would never have seen them otherwise. Reaching out in a familiar space and allowing customers to communicate on their own schedule can bring them to a level of engagement they would have never reached otherwise. Results like Mukuru’s are the perfect example of how reaching an untapped market makes messaging invaluable.

But awareness is just one step in your customers' journey — continue learning how messaging can shape each step of the way with our articles:

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