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How messaging helps inspire people to move past consideration and make a purchase

July 6, 2023

Six ways messaging can drive conversions

Convincing consumers to choose your products is a challenge. Just because you’ve piqued someone’s interest doesn’t mean they’re ready to open their wallets. That’s why the consideration stage is so critical — it’s up to you to give them the information they need to make a buying decision.

Messaging connects with customers on a personal level by reaching them on a familiar platform they likely use everyday to talk to family and friends. Putting your business on that same wavelength can make conversations more in-depth, informative, and ultimately more convincing. When a customer reaches the consideration stage of looking at a new service, having answers ready to go via automated chatbots or live service agents can be the difference between a sign-up and a lost lead.

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How can messaging help move people past consideration to a purchase??

Put another way — how can messaging drive conversions? Conversations are all about connections, and messaging allows you to connect with users on a level traditional ads and email can’t match. Being able to personalize your messages to individuals based on their financial habits and then deliver relevant information and offers helps create that connection.

Companies like Multinet Up (we’ll talk more about them in a bit) have integrated automated chatbots to maximize the efficiency of their messaging. These chatbots can provide information on-demand, answer questions, and direct people to sign-up links, all through messaging.

Let's look at a few examples:

First impressions

Initial connections can have lasting effects. When a potential customer comes to you interested in your services, messaging can provide the information they need and help seal the deal on future purchases. You can introduce your most relevant loan offers, customer resources, financial planning services, or anything else your agent or chatbot thinks could make a sale.

Applying for a loan

Messaging can bring customers in for new loans via conversations. They might discover the loan opportunities through your ads, or via messaging campaigns you send out. Messaging can connect them to a customer service agent or chatbot who can answer all their questions about the potential loan, and finish by directing them to a sign-up page on your site or a phone number to one of your salespeople.

New credit card offers

Customer showing interest in one of your new credit card offers? Reach out! Give them all the information they need to make an informed decision, while showing off the benefits of the offer. Connecting through an ad that clicks to WhatsApp, a messaging button on your social media, or through your website allows them to get immediate answers and can encourage them to sign up.

Learn more about loyalty programs

Do you offer a loyalty program for your customers? Messaging can help convince new and existing customers to sign up. Let them know just how valuable your program can be with one-on-one conversations via automated chatbots or agents.

You can also utilize messaging in your loyalty program itself! Sending out special offers for your members can encourage them to consider signing up for new credit cards, applying for loans, or using any other financial services you want to promote.

Get an insurance quote

If a customer is coming to your business inquiring about insurance, messaging can create a positive initial conversation around a generally stressful topic. Answering questions, collecting required information, and providing instant quotes can all be done directly via WhatsApp conversations.

Change to an installment plan

Sometimes customers need to change their payment plans, or sign up for installment plans instead of one-time payments. Messaging makes it easy for the customer to reach out, get all the information they need about available options, and even set up the installment plan right in the app.

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Multinet Up using WhatsApp to drive sign-ups

Multinet Up, a leading financial services company in Turkey, started using WhatsApp in 2020. Multinet Up is used by over 200,000 institutions of varying sizes in 81 cities across the nation, the company offers prepaid cards, online payment systems for meals, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and gas stations, and management services for operational expenses of small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Turkish financial services company ran a campaign of ads that click to WhatsApp to encourage more businesses to sign up for its services. When clicked, the ads opened an automated WhatsApp chat where people could learn more about Multinet Up’s services. The automated experience asked prospective customers a series of questions to determine their eligibility for the brand’s financial services. To ensure that conversations ran smoothly, Multinet Up trained their customer service agents to take over if needed. To announce its new channel, the company featured WhatsApp on its website, contact page, and Facebook Page.

After only two weeks, Multinet Up saw:

  • 7% of all WhatsApp leads converted to sales
  • 42% more qualified leads earned via WhatsApp (compared to other channels)
  • 25% more conversations started in WhatsApp (compared to other channels)
  • 5-point lift in ad recall

Leading people through the customer journey

Customers in the consideration stage are weighing your products against their needs and are just one step away from the critical point all businesses strive to reach: purchase.

If you can nail the interactions with people who have reached the consideration point in their journey with you, you can drive your revenue to new heights and expand your business. Messaging provides a personalized, familiar connection that can help build connections and trust with customers, creating valuable lasting relationships.

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