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Utilize messaging to maintain customer relationships

July 13, 2023

Continuing the customer relationship post-purchase

You’ve successfully made a sale. Congratulations! You’ve reached a critical milestone and earned revenue for your business. So, now what? What can you offer to keep your new customer engaged?

Thousands of companies have turned to WhatsApp for a solution. Messaging lets you communicate with customers and offer tools on a level that just isn’t viable on traditional telecom channels. One-on-one conversations, chatbot integrations, and asynchronous capabilities make messaging perfect for continued customer engagement.

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Whatever your customers need, when they need it.

Your customers’ finances don’t take breaks. Messaging allows your business to be a constant companion when it comes to customers’ financial wellbeing. Chatbots help you provide immediate solutions. Live agents answer even the most detailed questions. All of this, at your customers’ convenience, right on their phones.

So, how exactly can your business maintain customer relationships using messaging?

View account information

With messaging, your customers can see their account information with the press of a button. Customers can request balance reports, recent transactions, and full statements through automated chatbots. Messaging allows them to bypass the need for browsers or phone calls and get the information they need.

Transfer money

For customers with multiple accounts, they can transfer money with ease. Messaging allows them to send a quick message and immediately transfer money. Paycheck comes in and they want to transfer some to savings? Done. Time for a big purchase? They can bring funds from their savings account to their checking with another quick message.

Report fraudulent activity or stolen cards

Stolen identity, credit card fraud, and lost cards are a scary thing to deal with for anyone. When it happens, customers need to know they can trust your business to handle it ASAP. With messaging, they can quickly report fraudulent transactions and get answers immediately.

Chatbots or live agents can quickly investigate the charges and get them the answers they need, when they need it. Canceling a lost card and requesting a new one with just a quick message instills a sense of trust in your customers that can create lasting relationships.

Suspend/restart my payments

Finances can be tricky. Unexpected expenses may leave customers scrambling to make sure they don’t overdraft. You can take some of that stress away by offering payment control via messaging. Customers can stop and start payments with a quick conversation, and feel in control of their finances when interacting with your company.

Spending limit alert

Overdraft charges create negative experiences for your customers. Help them avoid over-spending via spending limit alerts. If they make a purchase that puts them near their limit, a quick notification through messaging can be a helpful way for them to keep track of their spending.

Reset passwords

Forgotten passwords are a ubiquitous annoyance, no matter what business you’re in. Messaging can eliminate all the steps traditionally required to reset a password. Instead of switching between web pages and emails, your customers can simply send a request, answer a security question, and set their new password — all through messaging. Quick and easy, without the hassle typically required.

Person sitting on couch in office, wearing glasses and smiling, while reading a WhatsApp message from Akulaku

Akulaku utilizing messaging for constant communication

Akulaku is a financial company and ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia, with subsidiaries in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The company enables customers in emerging markets to meet their financial needs through consumer financing, digital investment, digital banking, and insurance brokerage.

Akulaku wanted to balance high volumes of customer messages while making each customer feel valued, with a trustworthy system where customer interactions would not be cut off unexpectedly. Finding a reliable channel for services and communication that also maximized convenience throughout the customer journey was essential to boosting overall customer satisfaction. WhatsApp proved to be the perfect platform for what they needed.

After implementing WhatsApp as their messaging platform, Akulaku saw:

  • 50% increase in customer satisfaction scores with WhatsApp
  • 16% additional increase in customer satisfaction with list messages
  • 30% cost savings using WhatsApp to send OTPs
  • 90% increase in customer satisfaction scores

“With WhatsApp Business Platform, we help ensure that every customer has the richest, most efficient experience when addressing their questions. Convenience is baked into each aspect of the process, from the steadiness of the channel to the ways that list messaging resumes any interaction right where it left off. Using WhatsApp has really enhanced our customer engagement.”

~Yang Hao, Product Manager

Maintaining relationships with messaging

Post-purchase is the part in the customer journey where you can secure repeatable, long-lasting revenue. You’ve done the hard part in convincing customers to make that initial purchase, and now you have the opportunity to establish them as a loyal customer.

Account management, spending alerts, and personalized communication can help you create positive customer experiences that leave lasting impressions.

WhatsApp provides a platform for you to communicate with customers on the same level they chat with friends and family — offering a conversational relationship that is hard to replicate via emails and phone calls.

But post-purchasing is just one step in your customers' journey — continue learning how messaging can shape each step of the way with our articles.

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