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Utilize messaging to boost purchase rates

July 7, 2023

Purchasing via messaging creates a seamless user experience

What do all businesses have in common? They’re all working towards that magic word: revenue! Opening accounts, subscribing to services, and making purchases are the points we want to get customers to in the customer journey. But how do you get there? With so many options available to bring customers to that crucial moment of spending, what direction should you go? That’s where messaging comes in.

Messaging can send customers to your preferred points of sale, and even lets them make purchases directly through messages — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Having these important conversations on a platform that’s familiar to them, and one they likely use on a regular basis, can help secure that ever-important revenue.

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The flexibility of using messaging

Making purchases through messaging

Messaging is more than just sending text messages. Modern messaging has multimedia capabilities, messages offering multiple choice lists, automated responses, and much more. Customers can have a full conversation with your chatbot and get all the information they need to make an informed purchase.

In many cases, they can even make that purchase directly on the platform! One-click purchases make it easy to buy, but you can also use redirect links to send them to your preferred point of sale (POS).

Redirecting to POS

One-click purchases not what you’re looking for? Messaging can redirect to any POS you like, whether that be a live agent, landing page, or phone call. Chatbots can get all the information from the customer so when they reach that next destination, all their information is ready and waiting, reducing the need to provide the same info over and over again.

Sign-ups and account creation

With messaging, customers can sign-up and create their new account in the conversation. No need to redirect to web pages or email, customers can provide all their information to your automated chatbot and set everything up in the app. New account? Easy. Newsletter sign-up? Done. Want to subscribe to the latest offers? You got it. All aspects of sign-ups can be handled by messaging.

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Bank Mandiri case study

Bank Mandiri, est in 1999, is one of Indonesia's most progressive banks in the realm of digital banking. By taking innovative approaches to employee development, technology, and service delivery, Bank Mandiri offers customers a wide range of financial products that are easy, quick, and reliable.

Bank Mandiri wanted to re-engage existing customers to drive conversions for business growth, increase credit card transaction volumes and interest incomes, and provide efficient services for applicants who need to verify submitted credit card applications.

So, how did they do it?

Working with Dampcorp, Bank Mandiri created a digital communications channel on WhatsApp Business Platform to re-engage existing customers with automated push notifications to upgrade their purchase transactions to installment plans and personalize their credit card payments according to their needs. The results speak for themselves:

  • 42% increase in net margin interest income through WhatsApp
  • 56% more credit card applicants respond to verification notifications
  • 37% of all conversions are via WhatsApp
  • #1 channel for conversions over SMS, telesales, call center, website, and mobile app

The bank is now looking to grow the WhatsApp channel and expand to more uses including upgrading the type of credit card that customers become eligible for. The aim is to optimize automation across different areas of the business, including credit card activation, payment due alerts, card delivery services, and personalized proactive notifications.

“WhatsApp Business Platform provides opportunities for the banking and financial services industry, especially for Bank Mandiri by enabling convenient digital customer services while improving business performance. In the future, Bank Mandiri will further optimize this service to meet customer needs,

~ Sunarto Xie, Senior Vice President.

Providing informed purchasing power

One of the biggest draws to messaging is the immediate access to information. Using chatbots, your business can respond to customer inquiries immediately, interacting on their schedule. You can give chatbots access to your product inventory, customer database, and service information.

Armed with this data, your chatbot can answer nearly any question your customers throw at them, ensuring they have all the information they need to make their purchase. Customers don’t have to feel like they’re buying without knowing all the details and can feel confident purchasing from your company.

Securing the purchase with messaging

Messaging helps create personalized, quality conversations that can help your business secure reliable revenue streams through loyal customers. Offering in-conversation purchases and account management gives customers the freedom to interact with your business on their schedule, while having access to all the features of traditional communication channels.

For customers like Bank Mandiri, these features drive revenue, increase credit card applications, boost conversion rates, and bring in more long-term customers.

Platforms like WhatsApp provide familiar channels of communication that many customers use daily to communicate with family and friends. Connecting with them on the same level can lead to friendly conversations on a more personal level, creating a level of trust that can bring in more revenue for your business.

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