Conversation categories

Authentication conversations

Authentication conversations are business-initiated templates that provide one-time passcodes at key points of the user journey.

Demonstration of an authentication conversation between a business and a customer

Maintain security, and protect customer accounts throughout the user journey with these cost-effective conversations. These messages offer high deliverability and low latency, ensuring seamless access to your apps and websites.

Facilitate conversions and sales

with convenient, streamlined authentication and the promise of transaction security

Reduce costs

with efficient and automated authentication workflows


New account registration

Easily and securely onboard new customers with authentication message templates.

Demonstration of a business registering a new account with a user
Demonstration of a business providing a one-time verification code to promote account integrity


Account integrity

Use authentication messages for account integrity checks such as when a customer logs in from a new device.


Account recovery

Use one-time, time-limited passcodes to help lapsed users recover their accounts easily.

Demonstration of a user receiving a one-time, time-limited passcode for account recovery
Success Stories

Authentication conversations on WhatsApp help reduce costs for businesses

Build better customer relationships

WhatsApp Business Platform empowers medium to large businesses to scale customer engagement, boost sales, and create a better customer experience with full-funnel interactions.