Conversation categories

Service conversations

Unlike other message types, service conversations are user-initiated and allow you to efficiently respond to common customer service queries throughout the customer journey.

Responsive customer service is essential throughout the customer journey, from consideration and purchase to post-purchase.

Facilitate consideration

by guiding users to easily find relevant products

Nurture leads

by providing consistent and helpful suggestions and information

Foster advocacy

by delivering the kind of after-purchase support customers tell their friends about

Service conversations enable you to respond promptly to user-initiated customer service queries in a personalized way, helping you build relationships and reduce costs.


Stand out with responsive service

Use service conversations to automatically respond to questions, promote products, and keep customers on the path to purchase. Your service messages can:

  • Share product availability
  • Make product recommendations
  • Finalize service details
Demonstration of a business sharing product availability to a user
Demonstration of a business using service conversations to retain customers


Simplify the purchase process and retain customers

Provide a seamless customer experience with outstanding support before, during, and after purchase.

Provide prompt support to help your customers:

  • Place an order or make a booking
  • Make a payment or arrange an exchange
  • Check account balance or status
  • Request tickets or documents
Success Stories

Service conversations on WhatsApp help businesses reduce customer service costs

Build better customer relationships

WhatsApp Business Platform empowers medium to large businesses to scale customer engagement, boost sales, and create a better customer experience with full-funnel interactions.