Conversation categories

Marketing conversations

Use these messages throughout the customer journey to drive interest, conversion, and re-engagement.

Nurture relationships throughout the customer journey — from new leads to loyal customers.

Build awareness

by helping potential clients learn more about your business

Drive sales

by elevating your products and services in a competitive landscape

Build loyalty

by establishing trust and bringing value to customers


by reestablishing connections with prospects or lapsed customers

Fuel growth with full-funnel marketing conversations

Engage your audience at every stage of the customer journey


Build awareness

Help new customers get to know your business. Once they opt in to receive WhatsApp messages from you, you can start personalized marketing conversations to build awareness.

Use awareness marketing messages to:

  • Share new products or services
  • Nurture leads
  • Follow-up on your Ads That Click to WhatsApp
Demonstration of a business building awareness by promoting discounted flights
Demonstration of a business driving sales via a 'shop now' link


Drive sales

Spark sales with messages that announce deals or share promotions and coupons.

Use these marketing messages to:

  • Make product recommendations
  • Announce a price drop
  • Make targeted offers
  • Offer assisted selling


Retarget to re-engage

Use marketing conversations to revive dormant customers who visited your website or used your app in the past.

Use re-engagement marketing messages to:

  • Revive an abandoned cart
  • Renew a lapsed subscription
  • Share loyalty offers
  • Upsell products or services
Demonstration of a business retargeting a user, asking them to re-subscribe to a program
Demonstration of a business promoting their app with a discount and link


Promote your app

Encourage customers to install or take an action with your app.


Build relationships

Make marketing conversations personal to strengthen customer relationships.

Demonstration of a business building a relationship with a customer with a birthday discount code

Build better customer relationships

WhatsApp Business Platform empowers medium to large businesses to scale customer engagement, boost sales, and create a better customer experience with full-funnel interactions.