Conversation categories

Utility conversations

During the purchase process and post-conversion, use these messages to efficiently deliver relevant account or order information, updates, and reminders to customers.

Utility conversations on WhatsApp keep customers informed with timely updates during the purchase process and after conversion, ensuring a positive customer experience throughout the journey.

Drive growth

by keeping customer informed and minimizing friction

Facilitate orders

by providing prompt, actionable support and updates

Retain customers

by providing convenient post-sale assistance


Boost performance and ROI

  • With an immediate channel that offers proven read and response rates and rich interactions that drive quality engagement
  • By keeping customers informed to reduce inbound inquiries while also giving them a convenient two-way communication channel
A smiling woman behind a service counter, holding a tablet
A smiling man sitting at a counter looking at his phone


Enhance customer experience

  • By connecting with customers on their preferred channel, which has shown to increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • To differentiate your brand from competitors and drive growth


Drive results across customer journeys

  • With a single thread for multiple types of engagement and by driving customer adoption of the channel
  • By deepening WhatsApp-driven relationships with customers to encourage opt-ins for other types of WhatsApp conversations, including marketing messages
A man and woman sitting in an office, talking to each other

Use utility messages when the message must reach your customer on-time, drive engagement, and deliver a positive experience.

Example of a user opting in to receive updates

Build better customer relationships

WhatsApp Business Platform empowers medium to large businesses to scale customer engagement, boost sales, and create a better customer experience with full-funnel interactions.