Building conversations, together

We see conversations as the best way for businesses and their customers to connect and our partners make these conversations happen.

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Whether it’s generating leads, making product information easier to discover or solving customer service queries, more than 1 billion users are connecting with a business across our messaging services every week1 and our vision is to make conversations the primary way businesses and consumers connect.

1Meta Product Data, 2022

Our partner ecosystem plays a crucial role in this vision by helping businesses from around the world plan, build, and implement solutions on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

WhatsApp Business Platform Ecosystem

The ecosystem is split into two types of partners
Tech Partners

Tech Partners are third party developers who build value added solutions on top of the WhatsApp Business Platform. These solutions can be offered independently or as part of a joint solution with a Solution Partner.*

Third Party Developers → Tech Provider → Tech Partner

* Note: Third party developers must onboard first as a Tech Provider before upgrading to Tech Partner.

Solution Partners

Solution Partners offer end-to-end solutions for businesses which includes driving awareness of WhatsApp Business Platform solutions, providing integration services, and offering customer support. Only Solution Partners can extend a line of credit to businesses for payment.

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Tech Partners and Solution Partners play different roles in helping businesses deploy solutions on the WhatsApp Business Platform. The below chart shows where each type differs:

Tech Provider
Tech Partner
Solution Partner

Direct access to call WhatsApp Business Platform


Permission to manage business’s account and perform action on behalf of business (e.g. send messages, manage templates)


Can onboard businesses using Embedded Signup


Eligibility for partner program incentives


Manage billing on behalf of business through line of credit sharing


Tech Providers who meet specified requirements will be eligible to self-initiate the Tech Partner upgrade process.

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Why become a Tech Provider?

Build and launch solutions on WhatsApp easier and faster.

Simple client onboarding

  • Onboard clients to your solution using embedded signup. This helps to improve customer onboarding times, speed to market, and gives more visibility to your business and solution. Learn more

Enable easier campaign development

  • Manage WhatsApp Manager on behalf of your clients. Give them the tools to use your solution to create and deploy campaigns on WhatsApp.

Scale solutions to more clients

  • Account sharing allows clients to work with multiple Tech Providers and Solution Partners. This enables you to deploy solutions to new clients at scale by collaborating with Solution Partners.
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Finding a partner

WhatsApp Business Platform partners can help you plan, build and integrate WhatsApp as a channel to connect with your customers.

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