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The founder of CricHeroes standing in front of trophies

Abhishek Desai, an amateur cricketer, came up with the idea for CricHeroes in 2016 as a solution to modern-day scoring challenges.

Their Story

Touted as India's Cricket Network, CricHeroes not only provides live scoring solutions as seen in international matches but also recognizes player achievements like Player of the Match and Best Batsman/Bowler, allowing players to track their skills and progress.

Through the app, users can connect to local cricket matches and tournaments, arrange their own matches and share their cricketing achievements with other players. CricHeroes also tracks player stats like run rate, wickets taken, batting averages, etc.

"One of the biggest challenges is to respond to customers faster. WhatsApp [Business] is the fastest way to do that."

Abhishek Desai

Founder, CricHeroes

CricHeroes has relied on WhatsApp from day one, channeling all their customer support and sales conversations through the app. Desai recognized that 99 percent of his user base was already on WhatsApp and very comfortable using the platform, so harnessing WhatsApp would be the most effective way to reach out to them. As the company grew, they made the shift to the WhatsApp Business app, and Desai has been thrilled with the results.

The WhatsApp Business app is now the backbone of CricHeroes' customer communication. Desai says that WhatsApp Web has been a savior for the company. He also loves receiving user feedback through WhatsApp Business.

Desai has big visions for the business, hoping to reach 10 million users in the next year, and 60 million in the next three years.

Their Success

Today, CricHeroes has scored over 200,000 matches and 13,000 tournaments in 1,600+ locations across India and abroad. The app, boasting over 2.3 million registered cricketers with 50 cricket associations also using the service, has already been selected as an Editor’s Choice App.

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