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Get started on the WhatsApp Business app


Download and launch the WhatsApp Business app

Available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, downloading the WhatsApp Business app just takes a few easy clicks.

Once downloaded, tap the WhatsApp Business app icon to open. You’ll be prompted to read the WhatsApp Terms of Service.

Once you’ve finished, select Agree and Continue to accept the terms and you’re good to go!

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Cell phone screen that says "WhatsApp Business: A simple secure and reliable way for businesses to connect with their customers"



Select your country from the drop down to add your country code, then enter your phone number into the prompted box and click Next.
Before moving on, you will be asked to confirm that you’ve entered the number correctly.

Double check the number you entered is correct, then tap ok.
If you see an error in the number, tap edit to update it.
After you tap ok, you will be asked to provide a CAPTCHA-style verification.

Enter the numbers shown and tap Next.
You will now be prompted to verify your phone number as a security measure. This helps verify your business and prevent fraud.

Once you receive a verification text or phone call, simply input the code provided, hit Done, and you’re good to go.

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Allow access to Contacts and Photos

Contacts can be quickly added from your phone’s address book by giving the WhatsApp Business app access to them.

You can also allow WhatsApp to easily access photos, videos, and documents on your device.

Cell phone with the prompt asking to access contacts and media
Cell phone with the prompt asking to restore a backup from Google Drive


Restore your previous account if needed

If you’ve previously used the WhatsApp Business app, you can restore that account from a Google Drive backup at this point.

Moving your account information from WhatsApp Messenger to the WhatsApp Business app is also simple and easy.

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Build your business profile

To build your WhatsApp Business Profile just fill in your business name, business category, and upload a logo or profile image.

Now you’re good to go – your business profile is set up and ready to start messaging! With your business profile now set up, you’re ready to send your first message.

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The WhatsApp Business App offers a more personal customer experience so you can better run your business.

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