Business Privacy

Connect with your customers privately.

Millions of people message businesses on WhatsApp — asking questions, exploring new products, or finalizing purchases. Our mission is to securely connect businesses of all sizes with their customers.

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Better serve your customers

  • Businesses who advertise on Facebook and Instagram can let people easily start a chat on WhatsApp with just one tap. They can also send offers and announcements or transactional messages such as new product alerts or order updates, if customers have chosen to receive these updates.
  • When businesses choose to use these services, Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, may receive certain information. This information helps businesses send you relevant messages and improve Meta ads. Message and call content is not shared with Meta.
  • Businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform, our API, may choose to utilize secure hosting services from Meta. They can also choose to work with one of our business solution partners for managing their WhatsApp chats and hosting. Either way, we make it clear in the chat which choice the business has made.


Privacy and controls for customers

  • WhatsApp always makes it clear to people when they are chatting with a business, and they can block a business at any time.
  • Every message sent on WhatsApp uses the same encryption protocol to protect messages from before they’re sent until they’re delivered to the intended recipient, whether it’s a person or a business.
  • If businesses choose to share information with Meta, users have the option to review their Ad settings and choose whether Meta can show them ads on Facebook and Instagram based on their activity from Ad partners.
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How WhatsApp makes money

WhatsApp generates revenue by charging businesses for their conversations with customers. This conversation-based pricing model means we stay focused on developing features that help businesses build relationships with their customers.

Accelerate your business

WhatsApp Business Platform offers a more personal customer experience so you can drive real results and build long term relationships with your customers.

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