Business App Features

Engage your customers anywhere

Build strong customer relationships, increase efficiency and showcase your products and services with tools designed to help you grow your business.

Build trust with new customers

Showcase your business and greet customers automatically with a custom welcome message.

Grow your business

WhatsApp Business Profile

Create a virtual storefront with helpful information for your customers like your logo, business description, hours of operation and website.

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Automatically send a custom welcome message to new customers when they start a conversation with your business.

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Manage customer relationships

Easily interact with customers while saving time and energy, using tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

Away Messages

Respond automatically to messages received outside your business hours to set expectations and let customers know when you’ll be back.

Quick Replies

Create shortcuts for messages you frequently send to respond to common questions in just a few taps.


Organize and filter important customer conversations so you can quickly find and respond to messages that need your attention.

Potential for increased sales

Make it easy for customers to browse your products and services, and submit orders in WhatsApp

Showcase your products and services in a mobile storefront and group similar items into collections to simplify the shopping experience for your customers.

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Share your entire catalog or links to specific items with new and existing customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram—all from within the app.

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Simplify your order management and streamline the shopping experience for your customers, so they can easily choose items from your catalog to send as a single message.

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Announce promotions, special offers and new inventory to multiple customers at the same time.

Attract new customers

Promote your WhatsApp channel using entry points and ads to let people know you’re available to chat.

Free WhatsApp entry points

  • Free entry points include QR Codes, short links, action buttons on your Facebook Page and Instagram profile, as well as Facebook and Instagram Shops.

Meta ads - Boost a Post

  • Turn a Facebook post into an ad that sends new customers into a conversation with your business. Learn more

Call to Action ads

  • Promote the “Send Message” button on your Facebook Page to encourage people who may be interested in your business but don’t follow you to start a conversation. Learn more

Ads that Click to WhatsApp

  • Expand your reach by sending potential customers on Facebook and Instagram straight into a WhatsApp chat with your business. These ads will be delivered to people who are more likely to have a conversation with your business on WhatsApp, where you can guide them from consideration to action.


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Bringing your business online with the WhatsApp Business app is simple. Learn more here.

You can encourage people to connect with your business on WhatsApp using tools that help you automate, organize and be seen by more people. Learn more here.

You can easily build, maintain and share your catalog across multiple business channels.

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