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The API offers two ways to connect with your customers

Conversation thread of product and customer


Respond to customer initiated messages

  • Use channels off of WhatsApp to drive organic awareness about your WhatsApp number such as your website, storefront and customer mailings or use paid awareness channels such as Click to WhatsApp
  • Then customers can initiate a conversation by messaging your business


Reach out to customers with business initiated messages across the buyer journey

  • Once you've secured a customer's opt-in, you can initiate messages to them on WhatsApp
  • These messages must be created with customizable message templates and can be text-based, media-based, or interactive
Conversation thread of business and customer
WhatsApp Business API code

Send feature-rich communications

Send files, images and locations with media messages

Use native entry points like a custom button on your website or a QR code on your product packaging to make it easier for customers to start conversations with you

Enable simpler and faster responses by using interactive messages, such as List Messages or Reply Buttons to structure responses or provide a clear call-to-action

Understand message engagement on a per-contact level with Read Receipts

Showcase your products and services using Multi-Product and Single Product Messages

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